Area Woman Regrets Leaving the House That Day Before She Even Gets Out of Bed In the Morning.

Louisville area woman Kaitlyn Soligan regretted leaving the house that day while still in her pajamas in bed that morning.

“I absolutely should not have done that,” Soligan muttered, still safely buried under several comforters and wearing two pairs of both pajama pants and socks. “What was I thinking? It is freezing out there. Listen. You can hear the ice in the windows cracking under the strain.”

“It was a terrible mistake,” Soligan continued, making breakfast in her cozy home where, due to the ancient and often malfunctioning furnace, it was as warm as 75 degrees all morning long. “It’s awful. Just awful. I read somewhere that you can die of hypothermia in 30 minutes in this weather,” said Soligan, who would be outside for the length of time it took to walk the 40 or so feet from her front door to her car, then another 20 steps to the grocery store and back. “It’s not fit for man or beast.”

Soligan continued to lament her poor decision making as she bundled up in long underwear, a long sleeved t-shirt, several sweaters, an additional pair of socks, a jacket, and every pair of gloves she owned, as well as multiple hats. “And you just know that as soon as I get back I’ll have to take a hot shower and drink three cups of tea and I’ll still never warm back up right and then I’ll have to get up tomorrow to go to work,” Soligan added, to no one in particular, as she stood in her living room, gazing out at the frigid tundra she had yet to enter once all day.

At press time, Soligan was still standing by her front door, muttering darkly to herself and shaking her fist randomly at the heavens through her insulated windows.

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