Sharing is Caring

Creative Love:

Gray Hour Media

Gray Hour Media direct, write, produce, film, and generally create incredibly funny, honest, and weirdly moving short film pieces in and around New York City. Know them. Love them. Hire them to do absolutely everything for you. Send them a hug from me. Watch their extremely funny and award-winning (!!!) pilot, “Small Doses,” here.


The creative brainchild of Erica Feldmann, The Littlest Witch, HausWitch is a labor of love bringing accessible, affordable beauty to people’s every day living spaces. The posts cast actual magical spells and the visuals are so stunning they feel edible. HausWitch gives you an aspirational life that, should you so desire, you can 100% actually go ahead and live. You can purchase your very own tiny HausCraft spells, designed to help you live that life and personally and fervently endorsed by me, here.

Avi Davis

Avi Davis’s work has appeared in “The Best American Travel Writing” alongside David Sedaris and Christopher Hitchens. His writing is compelling enough to keep you reading a long-form piece on the internet, which should tell you everything you need to know. His website is a collection of his writing and a full page of old bios stacked one atop the other which he seems to have never bothered deleting. All of it is a glorious black hole that is completely worth sinking your time into.

 The Chris Gethard Show

TCGS used to refer to itself as “the most bizarre and often saddest talk show in New York City,” but it just hit the big time with a deal to air on Fusion. The show’s tumblr is doing everything worthwhile with that particular medium. Most of all, it features Gethard, whose brand of humor is heartbreakingly sincere and devastatingly kind. You can check out some of his stand-up here.

Cuddle Formation

My first night in Israel, everyone stayed up late to hang out and party, and no one wanted to get up early in the morning to travel. When a few people got particularly surly over the 6am wake-up call, this kid Noah said, “I’ll play the recorder to wake you up.” I thought he was joking, but come 6am, there was a tiny elfin child in a tree playing us the recorder, and damn if it wasn’t the pleasantest alarm clock I’ve ever heard. That kid Noah is an extraordinary human, kind and loving, and super into being a great person and making good art. He’s a foundational member of fmly, responsible for fmly fest, which “provides the opportunity for collectives to collaboratively engage with an international community and articulate the honest passions that make us feel alive in our environments. never forget: treat everywhere we go as our home and everyone we meet as fmly.”


Soul Full:

Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte is into fire, love, truth bombs, and desire, desire, desire. She sends emails and writes books that contain ideas and words that often open up profound realities for me. She may do the same for you.

Cheryl Strayed

“tiny beautiful things,” Cheryl Strayed’s collection of essays written as the alter-ego advice columnist Sugar, is a Master’s degree in feeling human feelings. I re-take it roughly once a year, and though it is the same book every time, it is never precisely the same syllabus.

Awesomely Luvvie

Luvvie is bad-ass, luv-centric, and bitingly funny, getting to the heart of the struggles around womanhood and race, particularly Blackness, that are opening up around our nation today with grace, humor, and zero tolerance for bullshit. She also does amazing Scandal recaps. Do not sleep on it.


Rights and Resources:

Big Sisters United

Big Sisters United is a labor of love working to end the killing of unarmed civilians by police officers. If you’d like to help with that, go here to see how you can encourage your members of Congress to pass the End Racial Profiling Act.


If there is a cause related to the rights of women and families around the world that you are passionate about, MADRE is likely working on it. Partnering directly with grassroots women’s rights groups in more than eighteen countries on five continents, MADRE meets human needs through human engagement. If a particular conflict or situation has caught your attention and you don’t know the most effective way to give, give to them. They’ll put cash and supplies directly in the hands of the people who need that cash and those supplies. It’s the only sustainable, effective aid model and they are very, very good at it.

Trust Women

Trust Women was founded by Wichita, KS resident Julie Burkhart following the murder of her friend and colleague Dr. George Tiller. In addition to focusing on preventing and overturning restrictive anti-abortion legislation, Trust Women also re-opened Dr. Tiller’s Southwind Women’s Center, now the only abortion provider in the state of Kansas. They could very much use your support.




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