Hire Me!

I am a freelance copy editor and freelance writer with more than a decade of experience. Writing-for-hire includes reports, op-eds, blog posts, and more, and my work on behalf of my clients has appeared in The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Essence, and on CNBC, among others. Copy edit specialties include research papers, website copy, proposals, grants, and more. I also love media work, including media analytics, social media, and press list building. Hire me!

You can email me at ksoligan@gmail.com! I would love to hear from you.

Why hire a freelance writer or a copy editor?

For the same reason I just hired a professional to do my suddenly-complicated taxes: we all have strengths and weaknesses. Letting a professional handle the things that are either not your strong suit or not what you’re most interested in doing (you can build a press list and edit a proposal, but do you want to?) frees up your time and your energy and lets you sleep a little more soundly at night. Writing and copy editing are detail-oriented skill sets as well as personal passions to which I have devoted decades of time and learning. Let me take care of your writing and copy editing, and I’ll have someone else do my taxes. The IRS will certainly thank one of us.

Why hire me?

I have more than a decade of experience as a communications professional at national and international non-profit organizations, a Master’s degree, and years of experience as a freelance copy editor and writer. But above all else: this is what I love. The fact that I devote an entire site and every free waking moment of my time to it certainly attests to my love of writing, and that my work on behalf of my clients has appeared in The Washington Post’s On Parenting Blog, in The Boston Globe, and on Refinery29.com is a testament to the fact that I am not half bad at it. And, as the southern God I have come to both fear and respect is my witness, y’all, I love copy editing. I love combing through my clients’ work for any error, however large or small; I love correcting a mistake, knowing that it will be our secret and that your clients or members will see only a perfect, glowing, magical finished product; I love tweaking a word here and there to make your ideas shine. Because as a writer, I know this to be true: by the time you’re done with a report, a proposal, an op-ed, or a manuscript, it all looks like nonsense. You started strong, and you believe that your earlier enthusiasm is still in there somewhere, represented in the pages and pages of work, but you can no longer see the big ideas for the pages (which – probably not coincidentally – are actually made out of trees). I can find those big ideas for you again. I can be excited for both of us. And I can hand you a finished product that will show you anew what a genius you are.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Great! Hire me.


Copy edits: $65/hr for businesses, $50/hr for non-profit organizations, negotiable for start-ups and at a project rate

Writing: $75/hr for research and reports, negotiable for small and on-going projects; project fees available depending on engagement

Manuscript edits:

.01/word for straight line and grammar edits

.03/word for line and grammar edits with comments on vocabulary and sentence structure, and suggestions in comments

First three pages free for new clients to assess needs and come to mutual understanding regarding project scope

Email me: ksoligan@gmail.com