Things I Wrote for the Internet

Some of the articles below have been re-printed elsewhere with permission.

Iron Fist Gave Toxic Masculinity a Seat at the Table. What Will The Defenders Do About It?, The Mary Sue, April 2017

You Don’t Have to Own Anything by the Time You’re 30, TFD, October 2016

Buffy and the Humanization of the Superheroine, Bitch Flicks, May 2016

There’s Atonement, There’s Grief, and There’s Memory, The Bigger Picture, October 2015

So You Want to Do Non-Profit Work!, Medium, September 2015

How to Stay in Love, Medium, July 2015

How Should a Show About Witches Be?, Bitch Flicks, April 2015

How Leslie Knope Taught Me to Love Being a Perfectionist, Bitch Media, February 2015

Three Cheers for Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Bitch Media, January 2015

Can We Talk About Those Rape Scenes in Outlander?, Bitch Media, October 2014

On Sons of Anarchy, the Story Is What’s Missing, BuzzFeed Community, October 2014


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