How Should a Show About Witches Be?

I wrote about witches and television for Bitch Flicks, and yes, I know every outlet I write for has the word bitch in the title. I am a child of the 90s, and it bothers me not at all.

I really appreciated the fine folks there letting me go totally off the rails with extraordinarily minimal editing. I love this piece.

Witches are in the very fabric and nature of gender and queerness and the margins we live in. So if “the season of the witch” just won’t end, how, exactly, should a show about witches be? How about this: Womyn-centric. Gender queering. Aware of race and ethnicity and faith and their role and lived reality in any particular time and space. Deeply intersectional and examining of those aforementioned spaces in the context of that intersectionality. And, without reservation and above all else: totally, joyfully bonkers.

How Should a Show About Witches Be?